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Circular Economy & IT Products

In the fifth installment of our 2016 Sustainable IT webinar series, we make a deep dive into the circular economy and it’s implications for IT-products. The webinar includes an overview of key concepts, policy initiatives and what they mean for the development of more sustainable electronics. Guest presenters Annachiara Torciano from Samsung and Louise Koch from Dell provide insights into the adoption of circular principles in their businesses.

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New Sustainable IT Purchasing Guidance for Institutional Purchasers

In the fourth webinar of our 2016 Sustainable IT series, we welcomed Christina Macken, Director of Programs for the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council in the USA, who provided a preview of their upcoming Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing – IT Hardware – version 2.0.

20 September, 2016|Categories: Nyheter, Webinar on-demand|Tags: , , |

Closing the sustainability gap in public procurement

Listen to our webinar, “Closing the sustainability gap in public procurement”, were we explore opportunities, dispel myths, identify gaps and effective solutions in the current approach to sustainability and procurement in public sector. A case study from Sweden are discussed as well as the vital role of public purchasers in driving positive change.

18 May, 2016|Categories: Nyheter|Tags: , , |

Best practice Sustainable IT Procurement

In the second of our 2016 Sustainable IT webinar series, we take a closer look at Sustainable IT Procurement practices, focusing on how to specify and verify that the products you buy are made under socially responsible conditions. Our speakers were Kristian Hemström, Expert in the development of sustainability requirements in procurements at Stockholm County Council and Niclas Rydell, Director, TCO Certified at TCO Development.

17 March, 2016|Categories: Nyheter|Tags: , , |

Toxics in IT-products

In the first of our 2016 Sustainable IT webinar series, from February 18 we found out more about toxics in IT-products. Our speakers were Marlene Ågerstrand, Researcher at Stockholm University and Niclas Rydell, Director, TCO Certified at TCO Development.

23 February, 2016|Categories: Nyheter|Tags: , , , |

New Generation TCO Certified

In case you missed the April 8 stakeholder webinar discussing the new generation TCO Certified, you're now able to view it on demand. Experts Niclas Rydell and Emma Nolte from TCO Development present the draft criteria which are currently open for comment.

16 April, 2015|Categories: Nyheter|Tags: , , , |

Så vill vi reducera farliga ämnen i IT-produkterna

IT-produkter innehåller kemiska ämnen som kan medföra både miljö- och hälsorisker. Trots detta är få kemikalier reglerade, samtidigt som förbjudna farliga ämnen kan ersättas av andra minst lika farliga ämnen. I den kommande generationen av TCO Certified vill vi ändra på detta.

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Webinar on demand: "The State of Socially Responsible Manufacturing in the IT Industry”

In our webinar, we present findings of a newly published report, “The State of Socially Responsible Manufacturing in the IT Industry”.

9 September, 2014|Categories: Event, Nyheter|Tags: , , |

Now you can view our webinar on recycled plastics in IT products ONLINE

In April sustainability certification TCO Certified introduced a new requirement for a minimum 85 percent recycled plastics in the TCO Certified Edge program. On June 18 we invite you to a webinar where we will present the new TCO Certified Edge program along with the advantages of recycled plastics in IT products.

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